Poetry That Lends Itself To Slamming

A poem using the word "carrion" alot
by Mike Cramer

She was carrion my heart away
Over the Grand Carrion.
What's that smell?
Oh, it's carrion.
Yes, carrion.
Charlie Chaplin is retired carrion.
Salute to carrion.
Carrion... carrion... carrion.

Cat Hockey
by Mike Cramer

I like to
cold little paws.

I am a Farm
by Brian Ross

I am a farm,
Oh yes, I am a farm.
My thighs are fertile green pastures
dotted in the distance with contented sheep.
My torso is a garden
growing kind tomatoes and carrots.
My feet are two horses,
my toes are chickens,
and my shoulder blades are diesel tractors.
You can't tell me to get lost, dammit,
because I am a farm.
Always have been,
always will be.
Now get off my land.

Steve & Edie Park Somewhere
by Mike Cramer

Puppets made in Spain
Simplicity inexact
Strings tie up my nose

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