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Say, you like readin', doncha? Well perhaps you would enjoy Adventures With The Mojave Phone Booth, a book about the exciting time Doc became interested in a phone booth in the desert and it became a worldwide superstar object thing. I typeset the book just for you! Buy seventeen copies, give sixteen to friends.




Drills I have known. A continuing series.


Cocoa Marsh ad, Life 1946. The puny boy is wearing a Jughead cap.


A&BC Chewing Gum Ltd. Film Star Dollar Bubble Gum.


The photo on the left originally was originally found in a fraternity's yearbook and Hans was a dog. Someone else edited in the bird. The photo on the right is W. H. Pritz, the CEO of the John Mueller Licorice Company, proudly posing in front of sturdy DURAY wallpaper after a Cincinnati flood (1937).


Ebay: Good Humor bells. The link is to a similar set of bells w/o the pullcord. I was going to link to the original auction w/pullcord but I got caught up in some worldwide pandemic thing. Stay The Fuck Home etc. This auction has a recording of the bells, very smart seller there. Also no nudist reflection in the bells, I give this auction listing an A+.


Tony Hawk Breaks Down Skateboarding Movies | GQ Sports (Nov 2019)


Butler Bros. catalog spring 1920. They have more pairs I'd wear than at my optometrist's. "Ooooh Jordache kombucha-tinted free range eyewear ..."



Chocolat Suchard. The torments of Tantalus. c1896. Wotta chumpie.



And mail to us and we will mail you the following prizes.
20 fish celluloid bracelet, mouth organ, toy furniture set.
50 fish base ball.
100 fish boys and girls complet scroll saw outfit.
175 fish camera and complet outfit to take picturers.
200 fish daisy air rifle.

List of other prizes on request.

208 So. Sangamon St. Chicago.

There's something about the design of that eyehole. It reminds me of a puzzle game ("Something Fishy") I had as young hep teen, a bunch of green plastic sardines that fit in a specific puzzley way into a plastic "tin."

208 South Sangamon Street is now part of a small wooded block. Looks like a park, perhaps.


Mitchell Climbing Swing No. 950 (1926). From Rocket Slides and Monkey Bars: Chasing the Vanishing Playgrounds of Our Youth via Metafilter.


You may have seen a clip of Nick Brett at the World Indoor Bowls Championships but there's a bit at the beginning where his teammate describes the exact shot Brett makes. Also, as an aside, I was wondering how the players identify which way the ball will hook and wikipedia indicates that "bowls have symbols unique to the set of four for identification. The side of the bowl with a larger symbol within a circle indicates the side away from the bias. That side with a smaller symbol within a smaller circle is the bias side toward which the bowl will turn. It is not uncommon for players to deliver a "wrong bias" shot from time to time and see their carefully aimed bowl crossing neighbouring rinks rather than heading towards their jack."


The Dus Stop Route #931 has changed.




Letter what I wrote to a friend years ago. He never got it. Disenheartened, I never wrote another thing ever again, the end.


The "Planet Jr." Combined drill, wheel hoe, cultivator, rake and plow. Buy 5 tools in one. Guaranteed Satisfactory.


RIP Anna Karina (1940-2019). Scenes from Alphaville (1965) follow.


Derby Owners Club (2001) Santa Cruz Boardwalk arcade (2005). I imagine the programmer(s) cracking up over the "eating it with relish" line.