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those totally don't look like hotel rooms, certainly not scam listings, and it's utterly impossible for craigslist to group postings by IP addresses in any form whatsoever #nonscam




I would like to be a new 1938 fleecy cloud thank you


This 1909 advertisement is filled with amusement. Perhaps you have caught the funniest thing about it ... $60 for a year of chocolates. That's over $1600 in current funny money.


Where's the 230am Oreo salad? The 547am Oreo injection? Amateurs.


Advertising: What Can't It Do. "This is fake, also you will not look like this fakery. Buy our product."


Newly Weds Ice Cream Cake Roll (1940, Chicago).


Children it is me, Mario. Please help me, children, the pipe I have been exploring is filled with toxic sludge. Children.


Flyer from when I was going to do PC repair. Turns out I hate it so much I didn't even start. I'll figure out what to do with the domain within the next ten or so years, I'm sure.


Been hearing a lot about this cryptocurrency so I studied the market and invested in the FUTURE


1916 Sterling Gum advertisement. Noted for the strange figure ("Figure 7") bottom left, and the hand-drawn note (apparently in the published ad) alluding to same (note that the leading has been enlarged on the last line to accomodate the note). "What?" Yes. What.


Kids back in the day could save wrappers from candy bars and get a working steam engine. What can they get now? Some rare Instagram filters?

Children what can you get


This tiny change to wikipedia seems like something I would have done ten years ago but I don't think it was me.




I have been ill for the last week+ with this year's harsh flu. I got lucky; my temperature went up to 99.8, but fell back down the next day (scared of my robusto immunity system is wot). The rest of it has been the long tail of coughing and other boring mind-melting symptoms (strained super-crying jag while trying not to cough in the grocery store, most recently). During this sickness when I feel the need to zone out (not coughing is partially a mind game, no joke), I watch random Twitch channels of Player Unknown: Battlegrounds. There's something incredibly amusing about watching people play a video game many miles/countries away, doubly so because my first video game was Space Invaders and/or some sort of Pong variant and the difference is astounding. Pretty sure Space Invaders didn't have a tip jar.

One of my favorite recent "episodes" was watching a South Korean woman racking up strategic kills while dealing with the hiccups in real life. The South Koreans I've watched do running commentary at low volume, then drop quick joyous outbursts when they "knock out" (injuring a competitor enough that they end up crawling, no longer able to use weaponry and having to wait for teammates to "revive" them with time-based first aid) or kill someone. With the British, the conversation is affable to a fault and somehow Nando's is always mentioned. There is one take-out place in Great Britain. It is Nando's. The Americans think they're radio DJs along w/so many swears. Your stereotypes may vary. I enjoy the varieties of reactions to common events within the game, and trying to figure out what's being said when I can't understand the language. When I'm feeling particularly nutty I'll keep multiple tabs open w/all the attendant conversations mixed together while I'm doing something else (like writing this) then pop one open if something is popping off. A number of these streamers are also pushing through their own (most likely worse) flu nightmares, so we have something in common for awhile! The ick.

I'm tempted to buy PUBG and run around without shooting anyone. I could be a medic, helping people heal. It would probably take a few years before I'd actually win a round, but it would be worth it because I wouldn't have hurt a soul and that's a DOUBLE win. I just want to help (turns out it's been done).

[Insert Pac Man: Battlegrounds image here]


So, about that J & PB Myers company ... turns out they cooked along for almost another hundred years, patenting various packages, became a subsidary for Goody ("#1 in Hair Accessories and Styling Tools") .. they were around until 1990, at least; the latest entry I can find for them indicates that in 2008 their site was closed "with Remediated Contamination." No more brick candy box chimneys.


Jesus Christ this chimney brick candy box shit does NOT end

"Being the fruit of my brain they can be had no where else" Phineas I challenge you to a got-damned BRAIN DUEL

PRINTERS OF BRICK LITERATURE. I.e., the very fatuous brick-related text you are reading right now, person who lives in darkness and has not ordered our fuckin' stupendous-ass BRICKS YAAAAAAAAA Oh I spoke too soon, it's referencing a SERMON AND RECITATION ON THE BRICKS ("WRITTEN EXPRESSLY FOR THE BRICKS") TO ACCOMPANY BRICK ACTION.


You see that part? The chimney ... CONSISTS of bricks. The chimney is COMPRISED of bricks. Okay, I might have lost you there. Let me break this amazing invention down for you. You get a box. Then you get some more boxes. You pile those into the shape of a chimney. You may also want to put some wrapping paper around it that is ALSO brick-patterned. No, I've gone too fast. Okay, let's start again. Bricks, yeah? We've all seen them. Okay imagine more bricks. Hold on, let me do up a sketch ... [FX: exit stage right for drawing paper/pencil]

For more exciting offerings from Phineas B. and Robert L. Myers including even more boxes that will blow everyone's minds out of their skulls repeatedly, please peruse their amazing catalogue at your leisure.


RE: "Holy cats"


Sometimes I wish I lived 100+ years ago because you could "invent" any old thing and blow your lungs out over-hyping it. I HAVE MADE A THING WHICH IS A "HANGER" THAT YOU "HANG" CLOTHES ON WORSHIP ME

"Inventors and Manufacturers" holy cats get over yourself Myerses