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Tokyo Times: Broken and long-unused Japanese vending machines.

I took photos of some broken vending machines back in 2004.


Bobby Fingers: Fabio and the Goose.


they should make a new type of CHEEZ-IT® ORIGINAL BAKED SNACK CRACKERS that is a cube


think of all that cheesy, oily goodness now in 3D right in your face℠ #facecube

don’t be a square, get the CUBE™, nerd

double-cheese concentrated CUBE™ just really shoving you into a corner, cheesily, slashing your tires, stealing the lawn mower out of your backyard

“Wow this cheese is serious”


they should put roller conveyor belts in parks so you can just walk in a nice area and not have to walk back

put some walls up to stop the wind

put in a roof to keep the rain out

seal it up to keep the bugs out

charge some very large, arbitrary amount of money per month and use high-pressure tactics to both close the deal and keep people from cancelling their contract


Power of Skills: How Snooker Table are made.


(Spoiler warning: Today’s critical discussion contains a spoiler for the current daily game)

One of the photos for the photo-based daily where/when puzzle game Timeguessr featured what I originally had thought to be a major intersection in Toronto.

One of the street names was “Bay.” Just “Bay.” “Wokay, so not Toronto, because Toronto does not have a bay.”

Vancouver has a bay. I spent a little time looking for the street names, no luck. “Definitely here though. Bay.”

The answer was Toronto. “There’s no bay in Toronto,” I sputtered.

The Cardhouse Staff Chemist was quick to point out Humber Bay. In Toronto.

That seems like a very small bay, doesn’t it? Actually ... what is a bay? [FX: falls into wikipedia]

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea defines a bay as a well-marked indentation in the coastline, whose penetration is in such proportion to the width of its mouth as to contain land-locked waters and constitute more than a mere curvature of the coast. An indentation, however, shall not be regarded as a bay unless its area is as large as (or larger than) that of the semi-circle whose diameter is a line drawn across the mouth of that indentation — otherwise it would be referred to as a bight.

First, THE LAW OF THE SEA. SEA LAW. Second, I don’t think this “bay” is meeting the criteria for being a bay. Let’s draw some circles.

I’ve conveniently marked areas that DO NOT meet the specification for a bay with RED CIRCLES. The areas that DO meet the specification are marked with GREEN CIRCLES.

You can see I’ve given it my best shot, and there’s no way to bay the circle here. It needs more oomph. More water. They’re going to have to flood a bunch of streets, intersections. Get all Venice-ee. Humber Bay is just a dent.

But government moves slowly. In the meanwhile ... I hate to do this, but you have forced my hand:

Humber Bay, by the divine, regal authority granted to me by the planet “Earth” to correctly/dispassionately adjudicate and professionate THE LAW OF THE SEA, I do hearby foreverhenceforth declare you to be:


where are my points


RealLifeLore: Why Norway is Becoming the World’s Richest Country.

In summary: Norway #1 forever. Norway wins. Ding. “Norway takes [thing] and sells it to get [thing] and then invests that in [thing] and here we go, out the back of the machine here is all the money ever.”


i’ve had some gift cards lying around for awhile w/low amounts. in california, you’re supposed to be able to get cash for anything under $10, good luck explaining that to the disinterested teen selling movie tickets.

one i’ve been trying to crack for about five years now. the amount was around two dollars. i kept at it because it amused me. first the store changed their gift card format, so the registers could no longer recognize my card. “you’ll have to deal with corporate” etc. so years of that. then it switched again, and the phone number is always busy. switch to email.

today, the death blow: your gift card balance is zero. mmm, i wonder why.

i know, i complain about red tape a -lot-. it’s when the stakes are low and i know the most likely outcome that it flips to being hilarious, i can’t explain it.


David Alan Grier: One last Prince story.



Fern: How Communists Made Unbreakable Glass.

“The story of Superfest does make you wonder, how many products around us are worse than they have to be?”

you just described the goddamn internet


Orbit Gum. 1923 September International Confectioner; also Confectioners Journal.


Johnny Harris: The Woman who Robbed $1 BILLION (and almost got away)


Angela Collier: long live scientific debate.


2girls1bottl3 / Mixie and Munchi #merchpt2

comment: “The zoom on the squint while being censored lmao”



sorry folks, this year is lookin’ mighty lean ... gonna have to cut back on the NUT CREAMS


Wienerschnitzel (© 2024 The Galardi Group Inc) has indicated to me, via a large outdoor promotional sign, that “FISH IS BACK”

please no brickbats, i’m just a messenger here


“Hands on buzzers ... what is the worst, most stupidest name for a company that sells linge --”

[FX: hurls entire body onto buzzer] “AGENT PROVOCATEUR”


Language Log: Mix & Match Japanese Orthography. “How do people decide when to switch among the different components of the Japanese writing system?”


Hoog: What’s Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Club? A thoughtful consideration of the political/sociological factors in post-war Germany behind the creation of Berghain. Please note that the video does not contain loud music, frenetic strobe-filled shots of clubgoers clubgoing, etc.


Make art not content: PRINCE’s work ethic.