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Daisy Picture Pistols Solve Your Boy or Girl Gift Problem. Superman Krypto-Rayguns. Daisy Manufacturing Co. Children's Activities, December, 1941. Back cover.


The Esperanto Family (1990). Produced by Joe Horne, creator of Stevie & Zoya and The Specialists.


1879 June Confectioners Journal. Boule De Gomme Anglice Gum Balls, A. J. Chauveau & Co., Philadelphia. "Have all flavors, including lemon, raspberry, currant, cherry, almond, celery, &c." "They are not only beautiful to the eye, delicious to the taste and refreshing to the palate, but are also esteemed of great value as a pectoral remedy."

Honey can you please hand me a few of those celery gumballs, my pecs are acting up


I was addressing a group of young people the other day and they all expressed disbelief at my description of consumable pudding sold in a metal can. You wanted to get all that delicious pudding material out of the can so you'd lick the lid etc. Hunt's ran some safety commercials about not licking the can but you licked the can anyway ... Snack Pack the Talking Horse could go shove it.

"Diced peaches!"


C. R. Pearce Company, Pittsburgh PA. Hot Dog Chocolate Covered Dates. Confectioners Journal November/December 1923. Do you know what they are all saying? They're All Saying ‒ HOT DOG!!


Clark bar.


The Tri-Motor chocolate bar. Trademark issued to Chicago's Belmont Hotel on June 25th, 1929. "There isn't anything like this patented bar, containing chocolate, whole wheat and spinach."


Safari-Pak, Sue Ann Foods Products Corporation. Telefood Magazine, August 1967. Yes hello I was wondering what the difference is between "Provincial Sauce" and "Supreme Sauce" is thank you please?


1918 Walton and Moore Dry Goods Company catalog (gingham).


The Guy Who Decides Packaging.


The book Macros: Problematic "Catch" Phrases for the Now-Now Generation ... is done. It will be offered for sale in January, say.


Sapporo "Love Beer" commercial.


Morinaga Star Cards (Taeko Sakuma; Sylvia Sidney; Jackie Cooper; Marlene Dietrich).


1911 receipt wrecks. "Okay over in the left hand column, put all the logos ... it's gonna be tight. Gonna be tight. Oh also under that, put both phones." "You got it. Easy cheesy."


Ep #50: LEX FRIDMAN | Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings (Oct 15 2020).


Jaiden Animations ‒ I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record). Now, of course, the Speedrun section is hoppin'.


Life Savers Fruit Drops advertisement, 1930.


Decided to re-experience 17776 (highly recommended) and idly looked up one bit because that's what I do, I look up bits. This is a reference, apparently, to the first time the phrase "hang out" had been used in its current-day context. Back in 2013 I ran across a 1869 invoice with the phrase "crash out on the floor". I mean it could be a -literal- crash on the floor. Like the cake crashed on the floor. "You sleep it off, cakey."

Meanwhile, if you have read 17776 here is a video to watch (A Realistic Simulation ‒ 17776 Football {ANIMATIC}]). It will not make sense unless you have read it.


Vice TV: Meet the Engineer Preserving The Last Analog Motion Graphics Machine


There was a short discussion on Twitter, a popular social media service staffed by goons, about the meaning of the phrase "pigs in a blanket." I went back into history's history to see what was actually "what."