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finally found out what binch means


Normally I don’t read about anything Facebook-related but The Verge published three articles today including this brief look at Zuckerberg blathering about the future at an employee round-up. “Mark Apple isn’t joining our open standards Mark what do we do.” See Apple just ate ten billion of Facebook’s ad dollars and isn’t joining the Metaverse Open Standards Group. In the middle of Mark’s seven-paragraph answer, this:

Our north star is can we get a billion people into the metaverse doing hundreds of dollars a piece in digital commerce by the end of the decade? If we do that, we’ll build a business that is as big as our current ad business within this decade.

The place is on fire and his stretch goal is ... hilarious. Oh god, I just started looking up the current numbers on the metaverse “population” and apparently it’s already at a billion people! WoWww! So amaze. Such verse. Oh wait, back up, the author is including NFTs and cryptocurrency people. Also electronic gaming. Also Esports. So, I mean, if Facebook can get a cut of all THAT ... I mean before crypto finishes imploding ... then woooo north star here we come baby! 2030! [FX: alcohols]


1923 July Confectioners Journal. Melloyd Company, Inc. Frozen Joy. “1 Shells of pure crisp wafer Covered with high-grade Chocolate ---- America’s favorite flavor.” “2 Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Shells” “Rapid Fire Gun ‒ Quick Service / No Waste / No Waiting” “5c filled-any flavor of cream”

honestly i think we all hate cream-wasters


July 19th 1919 Billboard Magazine. “The Beach Flirt. / Although poor imitations are being offered in the market ‒ she still is the biggest seller the toy trade has known. Don’t be buncoed. Get the original and only BEACH FLIRT”


Stewart Lee: The Audience is the Problem


24 Hours With a Japanese Hermit in a Hidden Village ‒ Tokyo Lens


In the street : chalk drawings and messages, New York City, 1938-1948 (Helen Levitt)


Craiyon (AI model drawing images from any prompt)


I’ve been in a few parking structures the last month or so and every time, there’s no cash option for exiting. “Isn’t this illegal?” I asked the small disco ball that accompanies me on exciting pandemic adventures like “going to the hospital” and “going to an entirely different hospital” and “going to the first hospital again.”

Turns out it is illegal in California. Less than $5000? Cash is OK!

Along the same lines, city garages in SF used to be the tightest, hottest parking place for your dollar value. Years ago. Now it’s where you go to get corked. Additionally, SF finally found my last coveted secret parking spot in the last year or so and made it two-hour parking. Like you can do ANYTHING in the city under two hours/$20. Now I have to buy a boat or something. “Land HO, Bally. Toss the anchor and we’ll swim ashore, get ourselves a twenty-three dollar do-nut.”


Tom Scott: This clock (Netherland’s flower auction clock) was famous, but the internet ruined it.


I Lied About Being An Artist . A Documentary About Visual Artist David Fullarton


Not Just Bikes: America Always Gets This Wrong (when building transit)


I got a call from some spam thing and punched it into a popular but loathed search engine. It showed a few numbers that had the same area code/prefix, along with obviously fake names. Glarsore Deleiros. Stuff like that.

The page itself is something like “” and when i go to it there’s a prompt from Spokeo to enter the last four digits.

So it’s a fake page with a Spokeo prompt just so the government of Turkey/Türkiye can figure out what random spam ro-bot is calling me.

this place is fun [FX: spins globe, kicks it across room]


Detailed mattress drawings, various postcards ~1880s.


Why Am I Doing This? (A Film About Touring; 2021)


Not Just Bikes: Why We Won’t Raise Our Kids in Suburbia


Fashionable Hats. The Delineator, 1892.

Those Awful Hats, 1909.


I’ve been on a diet for months so I can become a “Tick Tock” dancer and downshifted into a “lo-carb” version about a month ago when originally what I was eating was an “all-carb USA” diet that I made up in my head out of pizza and bread. So you know what that means. That’s right. That’s right. Food-based ガチャポン (Gachapon). Just fruit sandos didn’t cut the mustard. All food, everywhere, at all times. Bread? Yes please, thank you. Can I get a “to go” bag of bread and bread accessories? Bread. #bread


Van Neistat: The Value of Mentorship


ガチャポン (Gachapon): The Cult Of The Fruit Sando. I can’t claim to understand the appeal of フルーツサンド (fruit sando). Milk bread, cream filling, fruit. It sounds tasty, but wrong. If you need fruit sando gachapon, I have some good news.